DC Wave Pumps on the Way from Bubble Magus

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After what seems like an eternity since their last new product, Bubble Magus is making their presence felt once again as they dive into the world of DC pump powered gear. Besides a nifty new DC powered protein skimmer line, which we’ll touch on later, the budget friendly aquarium equipment manufacturer is releasing a set of DC Wave Pumps complete with their very own controller. The pumps will come in two models, a mid range W20 that cranks out 6000 liters per hour (around 1578 gph) at 20 watts of juice and a much more powerful W70, with a max flow of 16000 lph (4210 gallons per hour) at 70W. Each pump will be controlled by the new Bubble Magus C1 controller, which has outlets for up to four total pumps spread across two different channels. The pumps themselves are fairly straightforward. They have a typical design that includes a a large propeller sitting behind a plastic shroud. What’s interesting here is that it appears the pumps have two different shrouds, or at the very least an add-on for each pump to allow for a more focused water flow. On a side note, we assume these shrouds are interchangable, as the main portion of the shroud looks different between the same size  pumps…meaning, the two shrouds on the W20 pumps look a little different from each other (besides the tip of course). Either way, the pumps will give plenty of options to aquarists seeking a greater flow variety. MORE: DC Wave Pumps on the Way from Bubble Magus

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