I can’t believe that this needs to be said, but could you please not carve words into corals.
Can scleractinian graffiti just not be a thing?

Say you find yourself on a dive trip to Misool… how about you try extra, extra hard and just resist the urge to scratch the name of your present location into a beautiful colony of Porites.
I know, you’ll have to miss out on taking a sweet photo of a defaced coral colony.
Yeah, it would probably get so many likes on Insta (or whatever the kids use these days).

But, c’mon…
Just be respectful of the reef.
Consider what a privilege it is that we as a species have figured out how to dive below the water to see these amazing ecosystems.
It’s becoming increasingly hard to find healthy, flourishing coral reefs.
And in a few generations time, they may hardly exist at all.
So, Charlie, next time you find yourself in the Philippines, how about leaving the Diploastrea heliopora colony alone so that others who come along can enjoy it too?


[And thanks to Vince Tenchavez and Misool Eco Resort for documenting these acts of reef vandalism. Let’s hope this increases awareness.]

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