Deltec E-Flow high-performance pressure pumps

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Deltec E-Flow high-performance pressure pumps

Deltec’s new E-Flow controllable pump systems

Aquarium circulation have trended towards internal propeller pumps for their high flow rates and controllability, but we may see a slight shift back towards closed-loops with advanced, variable-speed, highly-controllable pumps such as these.  The extreme head pressure capabilities of these pumps may also open up numerous other implementation possibilities.  The prices, however, are not for the feint of heart.

According to Deltec distributor AQ-arium Solutions (Barcelona, Spain), the E-Flow pumps feature:

  • Electronic Control
  • Low power consumption
  • Super silent
  • Extremely low heat transfer
  • Operation in “cold”, which prevents the jamming by calcification
  • Display of power consumption
  • True effect “waves” *
  • No metal parts in contact with water
  • Can be used submerged or dry
  • Can be controlled with a Deltec programmer (available in March 2012) *

* To produce effects of waves, it is necessary to have the controller.

The three “E-Flow” models:

Min / Max consumption: 20/80 watt
Min / Max Flow: 5000/9000 lph (1300-2400 gph)
Maximum working height: 5.8m (19 feet)
Connections In / Out: 40/32 mm (1.5/1.25″)
Price: 710 € ($940 USD, 1/31/12)

Min / Max consumption: 25/130 watt
Min / Max Flow: 5000/12000 lph (1300-3200 gph)
Maximum working height: 8m (26 feet)
Connections In / Out: 40/40 mm (1.5/1.5″)
Price: 860 € ($1130 USD, 1/31/12)

Min / Max consumption: 25/180 watt
Min / Max Flow: 5000/14000 lph (1300-3700 gph)
Maximum working height: 8.9m (29 feet)
Connections In / Out: 50/40 mm (2/1.5″)
Available March 2012
Price: 990 € ($1300 USD, 1/31/12)




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