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The designer Zoanthid/Palythoa craze has hit the hobby with some amazingly colored specimens recently.Some of the farmed specimens are very brightly colored and have great survivability in captivity.  These aqua cultured corals do not exhibit the fragile nature of some of the wild Zoanthid/Palythoa that have lined the aquariums in local fish stores for many years.  Many of the wild zoanthid and palythoa that come in tend to melt away for no apparent reason.  They are also are known to carry coral eating nudibranchs and other pests giving new momentum to the aqua cultured coral industry.  These farmed corals do very well in aquariums, with artificial conditions already being programed into the genetics of the specimen.  The metabolic change that takes place in a corals brought in from the wild is stressful to some species given the low plankton numbers and differences in light in our captive reef aquariums.  This lends to the poorer survivability in some animals and the trend towards these more brightly colored and hardier farmed corals being the current craze.

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