Destination Reefs: Papua New Guinea

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Destination Reefs: Papua New Guinea

One of the many beautiful, preserved cultures of PNG.

The Lost World of PNG

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is one of the most exotic places on earth. Not only are the active volcanic islands and tropical waters indescribably beautiful, but PNG is also the home of hundreds of diverse ethnic groups indigenous to the island … many of whom have little to no contact with the modern world.  Many parts of PNG are like a lost world frozen in time.

We invite you to take a journey of PNG through the eyes of photographer Michael Fletcher.  His imagery of the land and people of this lost world is poetry in video.  Fletcher describes his experience: “Papua New Guinea is one of the most beautiful, clean and friendly places I have ever visited and am hoping to return one day to see more of this spectacular land.  It’s a photographers paradise and as with the remote Kimberley of Western Australia one of the best travel experiences available.”

Watch this video.  We promise you will come away enriched by its beauty.  For readers who enjoyed this video, we ask you to share this Destination Reefs blog instead of resharing the video.  Advanced Aquarist invests a lot of time to find and bring you these high quality videos each week.

copy_of_png2.jpgBeneath the waves

After many years of uncertainty, PNG is also a new source for tropical marine ornamentals.  Starting in 2012, PNG fish and corals are now entering the aquarium trade via  EcoAquariums PNG.  Marine aquarists are rightfully excited: Just look at the Acropora on the right and tell me you wouldn’t want a frag of that!  Many exotic variants of fish (especially clownfish, most famous of which is the Lightning Maroon Clownfish) are also found here.

The Destination Reefs video series showcases the diversity of coral reefs around the world.  Through these high quality videos, Advanced Aquarist hopes we can all gain a greater appreciation of reef life beyond our glass boxes.

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