dinoflagellati in acquario ed il suo rimedioThe dinoflagellates in the aquarium are a problem to be reckoned with, I did it and what you see above is the result… but how can you intervene in a case like this?

The dinoflagellates are extremely small, almost microscopic, algae, equipped with flagellates, prone to reproduce themselves in an extremely fast.

My infestation comes from far away, but with the previous LED ceiling light, the Sicce GNC AM466, after several months, it seemed that the problem had almost disappeared, while the transition to the new ceiling, the Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w, the problem has come back stronger than ever.

At first I tried to keep the dKh high, between 15 and 18 per several months, without obtaining any benefit, and the only way to be able to tackle the problem was to intervene mechanically about once every 15 days. What unfortunately is not always feasible and in no way conclusive.

I hoped that the infestation would go away on its own, given enough time and a very high dKh, but unfortunately this has not happened and dinoflagellates are remained unmoved in their place.

At this point I asked help to Roberto Ferri, an expert on marine biology, with whom we have already had experiences in the past of joint conferences.

Fauna Marin Ultra AlgeaX contro i dinoflagellati

Roberto just advised me to try Ultra AlgeaX by Fauna Marin, a product, which he said, in cases like these is absolutely decisive.

Yesterday evening, so I started the administration of the product following the custom doses that Roberto has advised me:

  • Remove Activated Carbon, Zeolites and any other resins present in the aquarium;
  • Dispense with the lights off on alternate days 5ml per 100 liters aquarium;
  • Skimming very wet.

The dosage in the dark is extremely important as even the algae zooxanthellae are dinoflagellates but it’s not definitely our goal to kill them, since are obviously necessary to life and beauty of all our corals.

In about 15-20 days, according to him, the product will kill all the dinoflagellates present in the aquarium.

We’ll see, and certainly within a month we will give you a nice review, whether it is positive or negative… but we hope… extremely positive!

dinoflagellati in acquario ed il suo rimedio

Apart from this the product seems indicated by the Fauna Marin to take care not only of the dinoflagellates, but also of filamentous algae, Briopsis, but not against cyanobacteria.


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