Disney will re-release “Finding Nemo” in 3D

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The Nemo Effect Part II?

When Disney released “Finding Nemo” in 2003, the aquarium industry experienced a boom in the sales of saltwater fish despite the movie’s underlying message of “reef fish are better left in the sea.”  Clownfish sales in particular experienced dramatic growth when many moviegoers wanted a little Nemo of their own.  This, in turn, provided an economic boost to commercial clownfish breeders like ORA (USA).

The sudden growth spurt was not without its perils and criticisms.  Most newcomers were ill-equipped (with knowledge, equipment, and commitment) to adequately care for their new saltwater animals because “Finding Nemo’s” fan base consisted primarily of small children, with parents appeasing their children’s demands.  Now a new generation of children will experience “Finding Nemo” for the first time.

Are we in for another round of “Nemo effect?”  Is this good or bad for our hobby?  What can (or should) we do in preparation for the potential surge of new aquarists?  Advanced Aquarist sees this as a great opportunity to educate people (especially children) about our hobby, about sustainable/responsible practices, and about the importance and state of the world’s coral reefs.

For the Disney fans, the schedule for the four upcoming 3D Disney re-releases are:

Advanced Aquarist thanks the folks at Marine Depot for the lead.

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