Seafood Side Dish!

  Yes, I’m a little bit hungry right now, but this recipe from Maebell’s Simply Easy Recipes looks SO good! I’m considering making it for our next holiday get-together, and I could see it being a regular side dish/appetizer...

DIY: Acrylic Repair

Recently a fellow hobbyist offered me a new sump that arrived damaged from shipping. Do not let anything go to waste! Attempt to repair it if the damage is minor and you can save or even make some...

Reefing on the Cheap?

“Reefing on the cheap” may sound like an oxymoron.  All hobbies and pets have a cost of entry. But there are ways to reduce your costs.  When it comes down to the reefing hobby it means embracing used equipment and a “Do It Yourself”...

DIY Coral Auto Feeder – Reef Beef

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