Doser Pump Maintenance Tips

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Equipment maintenance is very important and I really try to be diligent and keep up with it. If you let it slide then breakdowns or malfunctions are inevitable. It is especially important to keep up with the required maintenance for a peristaltic dosing pump. I use the GHL Doser 2.1 pump and if I don’t clean it on a regular basis it will not run at an optimal level. And that is not good since myself and others rely on it to be precise.

My Doser Pump Maintenance Routine

First of all, I inspect each doser head on a weekly basis to make sure I don’t see any cracks in the cover. I also manually run them to make sure the rollers are moving freely. Every three months I do a major cleaning. Step one is to remove the covers and the rollers. I then use Acetone on a cloth to wipe off any dirt that has accumulated on the rollers. I also clean the doser head shaft, the cover and the tubing. Make sure you don’t soak these items in Acetone. You can also use a q-tip and alcohol to clean these parts.

Any damaged rollers or covers should be replaced. These parts are available in the GHL Doser Maintenance Set.



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