Dosetronic DC from Focustronic

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New product out from Focustronic called Dosetronic DC.

Focustronic Press release.

The Dosetronic DC will be our entry level dosing station. It will be able to do the automated adjustments just like the original Dosetronic with stepper pumps via Alkatronic and/or Mastertronic. Some advantages of this new product are:
1. Lower entry cost to the Focustronic automated system
2. Ultra-quiet operation
3. 5 pump design to cater for a full reef system (KH, Ca, Mg and 2 elements/food)
4. Accuracy: +/-2%
5. Min Dosing Volume: 0.5ml
On the other hand, the original Dosetronic will have a new update which allows continuous dosing, meaning it is capable of doing water changes (max daily of 20L) and be able to vary flow rate for running a calcium reactor to reduce the daily swing from a conventional calcium reactor due to fixed flow rate (24 hours).
If you don’t need or utilize the full potential/ effect of the original Dosetronic but want to stay on the same intuitive Focustronic ecosystem, you’ll certainly appreciate this unit!
The price is notably on the lower side, which will definitely help make that decision as well!
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