Early RTN detection using ICP? Finding out the causes

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Something that I came across today from Fauna Marin has caught my attention.

Causes of RTN, possible early detections and treatments. Many Acro keepers know the dreaded feeling when you see your sticks start to lose tissue and it seems like nothing helps and you can only guess the potential culprits.

Fauna Marin lab from Germany has narrowed it down to 6 key elements that can cause this.

Iodine drops below 0.05mg/l

Fluoride drops below 1mg/l

Vanadium falls below 2ug/l

Nickel falls below 2 ug/l

Sulphur drops below 700 mg/l

Boron drops below 4.5mg/l

Very interesting stuff indeed! I intend to dive further in to figure out more about more about how these affect the corals directly and why. I love how the technology is progressing at such a rapid speed that pin points an accurate diagnosis to solve problems or prevent potential problems.

If you want to read the natural seawater’s analysis to familiarize yourself, you can do so here.
Not for everyone I know. However if you like reading and learning about corals, jump right in and geek out with me!

Happy reefing!

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