Ecobioball is a 100% biodegradable golf ball that has a core of fish food

The Ecobioball is a 100% biodegradable golf ball that has a core of fish food.

Manufactured by Albus Golf, the Ecobioball is reportedly the first 100% biodegradable golf ball that is 100% safe for marine organisms and is certified non-toxic. It is a single-use product recommended by the manufacturer whenever you want to play golf on “cruise ships, beaches, jetties, seafront hotels and resorts, oil rigs, boats, yachts, and near reservoirs, lakes, rivers and other marine environments.” Once the golf ball hits the water, it will begin to biodegrade and within 48 hours the outer shell will dissolve completely exposing the fish food inside for consumption by fish and other invertebrates.

While Albus Golf claims their golf ball “creates no pollution and brings a clear added value to marine life, allowing golfers to improve the sustainability and biodiversity of the marine environment,” that claim still remains questionable – at least in my mind.  Granted a normal golf ball will not biodegrade. However, the biodegradable Ecobioball shell and fish food core will add nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus compounds) to water where ever it degrades.  Will the added nutrients lead to increased eutrophication around the golf courses?  This still remains to be seen.

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