EcoTech Marine releases Radion Rail Kits and new lifestyle video 

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The new Radion Rail Kit is a modular design.  Users simply add more rails (“+one kits”) for each additional Radion they wish to mount. Rail Kits include the rails, endcaps, eyelet cables, nuts, bolts, and bushings; The hanging kit is required for hung installation.

Ecotech will offer the rails in two different lengths.  The short rail is 16.5″ and the long rail is 18.5″, which allows Radion owners different spacing options when mounting multiple units.  Furthermore, owners can attach the rails in two different configurations (see below), allowing even more flexibility.


Pricing and Availability

The kits are priced as follows:
Short Rail Kit: $55.00
+One Short Rail Kit: $35.00
Long Rail Kit: $75.00
+One Long Rail Kit: $50.00


All rail kits will be available at authorized Ecotech Marine resellers or through Ecotech Marine’s Parts Store within a few weeks.

To close, here is Ecotech Marine’s new lifestyle video.

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