EcoTech Vectra Pump Details Leaked

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reefs.comVectraM1EcoTech Marine made waves recently with the release of their new Quiet Drive line of Vortech pumps. Well they’re at it again, this time focusing on water flow from our sumps back to the display aquarium. Some of you may have been privy to leaked photos of the pump already, however specs and pricing were nowhere to be found.

The DC return pump will come in two sizes initially, the smaller M1 is capable of pushing 2,000 GPH (7,500 LPH) and the larger L1 will move 3,100 GPH (11,500 LPH). Since they’re a DC pump you’ll be able to ramp them up and down to achieve an ideal flow rate for your specific application. Perhaps the thing I’m most excited about is the ability to connect them to a battery back-up. While you can always use various large batteries with converters or UPS to back-up a return pump, having the pump and battery manufactured by EcoTech ready to go out of the box is a welcomed attribute.


Vectra M1

Of the four DC pumps I have running in my office only one of them can even remotely be heard, and that’s while pushing it to it’s limits.We imagine EcoTech‘s new Quiet Drive technology will be built into the Vectra line, which should render them whisper quiet.


Vectra L1

That leaves us beckoning the question: What other features will the Vectra have to offer? From the leaked info EcoTech touts the pumps are “programmable” and have a “closed loop mode”, but if they can perform like an Abyzz pump in a closed loop is yet to be seen. With MACNA right around the corner I have to imagine EcoTech will be revealing all, ready to pump them out shortly after the event in Washington DC.

Here’s the specs leaked thus far:

Pump Type: Centrifugal / DC
Flow: 2000 gph (7500 lph)
Pressure: 21.5′ (6.5m)
Wattage: 80W

Programmable: Yes
Return Mode: Yes
Closed Loop Mode: Yes
ESL/ReefLink: Yes
Feed Mode: Yes
Battery Backup Compatible: Yes
MRP*: USD $349


Pump Type: Centrifugal / DC
Flow: 3100 gph (11500 lph)
Pressure: 21.5′ (6.5m)
Wattage: 130W

Programmable: Yes
Return Mode:Yes
Closed Loop Mode:Yes
ESL/ReefLink: Yes
Feed Mode:Yes
Battery Backup Compatible: Yes
MRP*: USD $449

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  1. Matt Montague

    Since this is the same pump that is sold under different brands in the industry I wonder if I can purchase just a ETM driver and save myself a lot of money?


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