Elos Concept80 Aquarium System

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Elos is set to premiere a new aquarium system called the Concept80.  While Elos has not yet provided us with specific dimensions/volume, specifications, or pricing, what we know is that the Concept80 features an optional center overflow, which marks a departure for Elos previous corner overflow systems.


Tank and Cabinet

The Concept80 is made of low iron glass for the front pane only; Standard glass is used for the rest of the construction (much like their current Mini and Midi systems).  As with Elos’ current aquariums, the Concept80 is a rimless design.  The cabinet also features a new offset single door.



The Concept80 will use the Elos Aquatop (or something that looks strikingly similar) as its lighting system.  The Aquatop is a lighting enclosure with hinged curved glass lids on both sides.  Users can outfit their Aquatops with either Elos LED strip lights or T-5 lighting.  Assuming this is the Aquatop, a suspension kit is also available.






Filtration is performed by an Elos Sump200 and PowerSkimmer200 (PS200) as seen above.  The size of the skimmer suggests the Concept80 may be a small aquarium (<50 US gallons).  We have no word on what (if any) return pump Elos will supply.


Color Choices

Last but not least, aquarists can select from one of five accent colors for their Concept80 cabinet with lighting fixture to match (or a different color entirely, such as the red cabinet/white light combination depicted on the left).


Advanced Aquarist will update you with more information about the Concept80 as they’re made available.

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