I already mentioned my thoughts on the fate of the HQI lamps in my editorial about Interzoo, the industry trade show held every two years in Nuremberg, Germany (Editorial: the Interzoo 2012 in Nuremberg).

Just today we found that Elos made discontinued its fantastic bulbs Elos Spectra. An elegant way to say that will be available while supplies last, but will no longer be produced. I would therefore advise all their lovers to try to order and stock up … as also I just did.

A real shame because the bulbs that I have used and still use with satisfaction in my tank were amazing, but it is surely a sign of the market that goes and buys more led ceiling, thinking of saving money, concept which unfortunately is not always true, demonstrated and demonstrable, as we have had several times the occasion to write on these pages.

Besides this another doubt assails us. Will soon be abandoned even the equally beautiful ceiling Elos e-power, the pride of the company until a few years ago? So if you plan to buy them, do it now, it will not disappoint you, as we have shown recently in the tank that has just mounted Andrea, click on picture to discover the whole story

In any case, not only for Elos, the decline of HQI seems really obvious.

What do you think?

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