Let me ask a question.
What is the most exciting part of setting up a new aquarium for you guys?
Like many of you, for me it’s carefully planning a stock list of animals to add to my existing display, the process of choosing the perfect specimens and executing that plan to perfection. It’s hard to compare the joy and excitement that I feel during this time.
For this video, I was able to find some awesome wrasses from my friends at Carolina Aquatics. I was able to source a few things from Hawaii before the ban and I am extremely happy and pleased with the beautiful and healthy specimens.
Now that I got the fish, what happens next?
Quarantine of course.
For this, I went to my friend and quarantine expert and author, Lance Ichinotsubo ‘s amazing store, Elite Marinelife by Captive Seas in Pompano Beach, Florida to put all the new specimens through his regimen of quarantine to ensure that this new build starts with clean and healthy animals.
Watch as my friend Hernando Rocha goes through the process of matching all the parameters to ensure the proper acclimation, medicated bath, and hyposalinity combined with copper to get these beautiful fish ready for my display tank.


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