EV Nautilus’ “Explore at Home: Creativity in Science, Art, and Tech Panel”

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Check out this great discussion panel put on by the EV Nautilus team!

“How is creativity integral to scientific research, artistic practice, and technology development? What do these fields share and how do they overlap? Not all ocean explorers, thinkers, and creatives are ocean scientists or engineers. Join us to learn about how creativity is central to the work of Peyton Lee, a comic artist and computer and marine science student, Caleb Hawkins, an architectural designer, and a design in technology graduate student, Natasha Miller, a performance poet and the community engagement manager at the Detroit Science Gallery, and John Crawford, an intermedia artist and professor. Learn how they all discovered and pursued their interests, what their latest projects are, why creativity is critical for social and environmental works, and how they hope to shape the future of transdisciplinary projects and collaborations.”

There are also a bunch of livestreams from their exploration vehicles going on RIGHT NOW! You can find them all easily along the right side of the screen when you click on the video above.

Happy exploring, everyone!

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