Every reefer’s nightmare! We need YOUR assistance

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Hello everyone, I hope you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend!

With our hearts still grateful, I am asking for help for someone who has just lost everything.

Morgan Moore of ReefGardner.net is a good personal friend of mine. Morgan has been aquaculturing corals in South Florida since 2005 and is known for helping numerous hobbyists and assisting with dozens, if not hundreds, of reef tanks. She was a MACNA 2013 speaker and is an active supporter of her local reef club (Florida Marine Aquarium Society); she has given talks at their meeting and events on numerous occasions over the years.

Her boyfriend came in on Friday morning to open the store, and what he found was every hobbyists’ nightmare.

This is from her gofund me page:

“Last night the stuff of all reef hobbyists’ nightmares happened and there was a fire that destroyed 75% of my business and 100% of all the livestock I was raising. I had 4 large aquariums running with hundreds of corals and several beloved fish that I had had for over 5 years.

Right now, I am simply numb with shock and sadness at this loss and trying to figure out the best way to go forward. I am asking for your assistance with specialized information on how to clean up after a fire (soot, chemical residues, disposal)…and, if you can…to come help me with the cleanup process itself.

Most importantly, I need your cash assistance to help to get me by until the farm can generate income again.

I will update this page more once we get a handle on how much equipment is destroyed and what the clean up costs, etc are going to be. I never expected to have to ask for help like this and I greatly appreciate anything you can contribute. I would really like to be able to get back to growing in the future. ”

Guys, please click on the link to help with what you can. She’s one of ours and is definitely one of the good ones in the hobby. Let’s help her recover from this tragedy.


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