Our friends at Fauna Marin are dead serious about finding the perfect balance of water chemistry and feeding formulas for all varieties of aquariums.  In the world of ULNS or Zeo tanks, there is a big focus on developing and enhancing coloration within corals and the primary means have been via amino acids and vitamins.  These new additions to the Ultra line of additives seem to go one step further by targeting the exact color pigments you want to enhance.  Since this is a biological process within the symbiotic zooxanthella, the method to achieve this can be somewhat “complicated”.  Based on prior successes with their balling formulation and Zeo additives we’re pretty excited to get our hands on these new formulas, and based on how well some of their products sell in the US, it might be sooner than later.  We’ll have more details on how this new method works once we hear more.

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