Featured Coral: Joe’s Passionfruit Goni

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goniopora - reefs

Also commonly know as the Flowerpot coral or Daisy Coral, Goniopora species are generally considered difficult to moderately difficult to keep alive in captivity. When opened up, these corals look similar to a bouquet of flowers. Not considered to be overly aggressive towards other corals, they can still sting neighboring corals within close proximity, as their polyps can extend well beyond their coral skeleton base.

Joe’s Passionfruit Goni is of exceptional color and contrast.

Goniopora are strong feeders and susceptible to death from nutritional deficiencies. For long term success, they require calcium, strontium, magnesium, and other trace elements. Flowerpot corals also require supplemental foods high in Iron and manganese. One of our sponsors, Two Little Fishies makes a coral food called Goniopower that was developed by Justin Credabel for feeding Goniopora and Alveopora, and other suspension feeding marine invertebrates such as sea fans, feather dusters and more. MORE

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