wesley vrsswijk tank - reefsHere’s some eye candy for you: Wesley Vrsswijk’s SPS and LPS aquarium is a setup any reef aquarist would be proud of. The photos are little oversaturated, but you can certainly see that the corals and fish are very healthy. Congratulations to Wesley on his beautiful setup!

Wesley shared a list of all the equipment parameters, and photo period for his 264 gallon (total water volume) aquarium. For more photos drop over to the Zeovit forum.

AQUARIUM DATA Display Tank: (dimensions & size in litres/gallons)215cm x 65cmx 95cm 800L (211 gallons) Sump: (dimensions & size in liters/gallons)145x55x45 200L (53 gallons) Total Volume:1000l (264 gallons) LIGHTING Lighting Setup: ATI hybrid MORE

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