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RCA_6733A few years back I travelled to the South Pacific and journeyed around the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands off the coast of Fiji.  Naturally, my camera came along and I managed to get a few inspiring shots.

RCA_7475 RCA_7379My first target was the gorgeous Oxymonacanthus longirostris.  I’d only ever seen O. halli in the Red Sea, so it was nice to compare the species.  I ended up having to snorkel to shoot this fish and didn’t have any power in my strobes so had to whack up the ISO, but managed a few half-decent images.

RCA_7263On the same day I wanted to try the difficult art of ‘under and over’ images, where a wide angle lens behind a large dome port can capture the scene below and above the water.  This worked well enough, but it works better when you have a more striking subject than a straight forward reefscape.  This one shows how much algae there is growing onto the reef though.

Amazing crinoids and softies

Amazing crinoids and softies

RCA_6702 RCA_6999My visit was towards the end of a local bleaching event and some areas of reef around the islands were showing stress, but it was interesting to see how the corals were growing.

My first wild Lemonpeel

My first wild Lemonpeel


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