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Orchid Dottyback
Name: Orchid Dottyback
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Color: test

This is a great group of fish that no reef tank should be without. They like to move things around the tank and some will pick up sand and drop it on rocks and corals. They need a good amount of rock work in a tank and you’ll see that a lot of them will hang upside down below rock faces. They are very hardy and will eat almost anything you feed them. They are funny to watch, they’re very active, and they never seem to lose their wild nature as a lot of other fish do once housed in a tank. They do jump from time to time, so you need to take that into account when keeping one. A very non-aggressive dottyback that does well in reef tanks. Can be kept with other non-aggressive dottybacks, as well as its own kind. Needs good rock work and a 30 gallon tank should be the smallest. The ones from the Red Sea are very dark purple while the captive bred ones are a very light purple.

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