Fluval’s New M-90 (36 gal) All-In-One Reef Aquarium

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The new Fluval M-90 all-in-one reef aquarium has just been introduced to North America. The new 36 gallon M-90 expands on Fluval’s successful line of 2 smaller all-in-one reef aquariums, the M-40 (15 gal) and the M-60 (24 gal).  

36 gal. Fluval M-90 Reef Aquarium

36 gal. Fluval M-90 Reef Aquarium

Designed with the same clean lines and a contemporary finish that set the M-Aquarium Series apart, the Fluval M-90 comes equipped with everything you’ll need to recreate a successful marine reef environment. Lighting is provided by Fluval’s widely popular Marine & Reef Performance LED. This high-efficiency light features 6 unique LED band widths (including 400, 420, 440, 460 nm LEDs) for outstanding blue spectrum coverage to drive photosynthetic activity and coral growth.

The 36 gallon aquarium includes an integrated rear compartment that holds 9 gallons. The compartment discreetly houses a Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer plus the clever integrated drain valve that permits convenient water changes by simply turning a valve hidden under the cabinet. This  unique water change feature allows the user to remove up-to 20% of aquarium water volume without exposing sensitive corals to air. The glass aquarium features a unique frosted rim frame that keeps unsightly water lines out of view. The aquarium also comes equipped with an additional circulation pump for added water flow.

 The M-Series Aquariums are available in a choice of two attractive cabinet finishes; a two-tone brown or a two-tone black.

Fluval M-60 (24 gal) and M-40 (15gal) Reef Aquariums

Fluval M-60 (24 gal) and M-40 (15gal) Reef Aquariums

Fluval M-90 Reef Aquarium

Fluval M-90 Reef Aquarium

Fluval M-90 Reef Aquarium Features:

    • Glass aquarium with frosted rim framing (23.6” x 16.5” x 15.7”).
    • Integrated compartment houses , Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer and  Circulation Pump for good water circulation and outstanding filtration.
    • Unique and practical drain valve integrated into tank and cabinet make water changes easy and convenient.
    • Sleek and adjustable Fluval Sea Marine & Reef Performance LED Lighting promotes and supports strong coral growth and color.

Fluval’s 2 smaller all-in-one reef aquariums, the M-40 with 15 gallon and the M-60 with 24 gallons also receive an update. They are now both offered in a new two-tone black cabinet.

The compact 15 gallon M-40 is also now offered in a desktop version for hobbyists looking for a stylish, high performance reef aquarium with a small footprint.

The Fluval M-Aquariums are available at Fluval retailers MORE.

Fluval M-40 (15 gal) Desktop Reef Aquarium

Fluval M-40 (15 gal) Desktop Reef Aquarium


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