Foods for Breeding Syngnathids

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Copepod detail. Photo by Stephen Begin

Seahorses and their syngnathid relatives provide some interesting challenges raising from birth. Although they produce larger young than many marine species, they often ignore foods that have been the standard for raising marine fish. They must be supplied live food at birth, and each species has it’s own requirements based on size and behavior. First Foods There are three foods that are used the most frequently when attempting to raise syngnathids; artemia nauplii (aka baby brine shrimp or bbs), copepods, and rotifers. Artemia nauplii is by in far the easiest, as it is simple to hatch and come from cysts that can be stored until needed. Unfortunately, most syngnathids fair poorly when raised on baby brine shrimp alone. This is because artemia doesn’t contain the right lipid profile that syngnathids need for growth and survival. When artemia nauplii are used, enriching to get the right lipids is paramount to success. Many food trials have. . . More: Foods for Breeding Syngnathids


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