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Tim 05-18-2017 04:05 PM

Clowns have eggs
Is it possible for me to save the babies befor they are eaten? At what point do I collect the egg sacks?Thanks

salpet 05-18-2017 04:17 PM

after 8 days the eggs hatch that is when you try to get them out if your egg are attached to a rock you can take it out and move it to a holding tank with an air stone and feed them rotifers it is hard to get them to grow but definitely worth the try

Tim 05-18-2017 04:45 PM

Thanks,worth a try.

hbrochs 05-18-2017 05:28 PM

It takes quite a bit of prep work to get ready for this. The good news is there will be another clutch of eggs in two weeks. Google "Pickle's Clownfish Breeding Thread" its the best read on the subject.
Good luck,

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