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Friday Night 7-10 pm a party with aquatic blue light art and tons to do!
Saturday - BASH and tradeshow /. Massive sales. / $1000.00 in prizes food and more
Sunday- Frag and Aquatic Art Show.

We are looking for Amature and commercial coral sellers and other aquatic vendors for the show. Please contact us at [email protected]

Bring trade to use in our store on Sunday up to $200 given same day. More details coming

Frag workshop with Master Brandon Hill. Hear his story, Learn how to use the saw, AND frag one yourself! More to it and the best part is only those who sign up for the workshop will get VIP advance entry to shop all the coral brought by the Vendors! Over $1000 in prizes and giveaways, and free frags at the door for the first 50! Hotdogs and fun art for the kids!
Bring your entire family and they can
1 do a real art-type class and take home a banging piece of art you make for $25! 1 pm Saturday and Sunday.
2. Enter Raffles on the prize table for $1000 in coral and product giveaways.
3. door prizes and the first 50 get a frag
4 Other aquatic ART vendors selling art.
5. Cool crafts for the kids.

Clean Ocean Act Charity will be present as well and a percentage of proceeds from art will go to a cause. We have donation fish you can buy for $1 or $5 .. and fill the wall over the weekend.
make sure to check on the webpage for sign-ups this week


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