Summer Livestock Sale 50% off on 2nd item 7-28 thru 7-30

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Aquarium Village Livestock Summer Sale
All day Friday, Sat & Sun 7-28 thru 7-30
BOGO 50% off fish and/or coral
(second item of equal or lesser value)
buy more get more ? third item get 30% off fourth item plus and get one third off
(bogo does not apply to sales or specials or wwc)
Instant Ocean salt - $32.99
Reef Crystal salt - $37.99
Fritz salt - $49.99​
Red Sea salt - $49.99 Coral Pro - $59.99
Hydor Korallia 240-$25 425-$27 600-$33 850-$37 1150-$40 1500-$45
Chemi Pure orig.-$10 elite-$11.00 blue-$12
Marineland polisher - $50
IM seaweed grazer-$20 frozen food feeder-$20 accudrip-$10

Drop by you won't be disappointed :wink1:


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Amityville, NY
Awesome! I've been waiting a year for a salt sale like this. Need a few boxes of RC.
Will be in tomorrow!

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They have been getting in a great selection of fish. A couple of weeks ago Charlie and I picked up a couple of masked swallowtails and Sunday I got a pair of Bellus Angels all were eating the first day and doing well.....


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Love my masked swallow he eats everything .my only regret was not buying another one ...


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