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So I picked up some chalices this weekend (Thanks Manhattan Aquariums!) and I'm wondering how do chalices look when they're doing well vs not doing well. Is there a telltale sign, like with puffy acans or polyp extension with sps, that they're doing well?

The chalice's that I bought look the same in the store, in my tank, as they do with lights off, and as they do with lights on. I can't tell if the chalice is pissed or happy.

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Advanced Reefer
I was there also @ Manhattan Aquaria picking up another grand worth of goodies. Chalice is tempermental to temp swings or changes so try to keep it very steady 77-78 Calc 420, alk 9-10 Mag 1350


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like with acans, a chalice will be puffy to an extent. I feed mine and enjoy watching them eat. I got this as a small 1/4" piece, in just a few months its doubled in size. this is an old pic


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