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so two questions:

a) chalice - doesn't look as good as when i first received it but stablizing and heard they are very hardy so hopefully will recover. turned a little pale around the mouths/eyes

i've noticed around the eyes that it is now extending so i would think that is a very good sign and just wait longer for it to start growing and returning to it's color. **the paleness seems to be going away but that may be just be hopeful wishing.

b) i have marco key largo rocks and starting to color up but i see a lot of "micro bubbles" or bubbles. i've tried just pushing them all off and then try to take notice where the bubbles are coming from and don't see a source.

has anyone that went with all dry rocks noticed this? the bubbles can possibly be from a conversion from whatever organisms starting to take life on the rock? sorry only a theory because as mentioned no microbubbles are entering the display and have visually verified no other source for the bubbles to just appear...maybe it's the bubble monster?

(air bubbles)

**the reason why I ask is the last setup i ran had air bubbles caused by the return not being submerged enough causing air bubbles.....thus end result was a huge case of hair algae on rocks that received o2.

from personal observation o2 will then be consumed and form nasty hair algae. i definitely don't want to deal with that situation again and can take aesthetics away from my DT.
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Once in a while my return will blow bubbles when I forget to top off my sump
Could this be causing my hair alage problem


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hair algae can be caused by multiple things but i noticed the concentration due to air bubbles in other words o2 (of course not pure oxygen).

i would think that due to an added concentration of nitrogen and whatever else pollution in the air can cause a disturbance in a smaller aquarium? the setup was mainly in the warmer months so higher concentration of pollution.

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