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I started out with my alk at 4.8. I started dosing 35ml/day for 7 day. My alk is at 8.3 every night after I finish dosing.
What would be a large ph swing? My ph goes up from 8.0-8.2 every night when I dose alk. I dose 35ml of esv 2 part. I do 35ml at night and 35 of cal. In the morning. The alk I dose over a period of 4 hours.
8pm-12am 35ml alk
11am-7pm 35ml cal
Should I spread it out more? And if so over how long do I do it. My alk after I dose is at 8.3

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the problem is your alk was at 4.7 and you raised alk too fast to 8.3 in 7 days.. test more often and keep alk stable.
4.7 is almost a impossible number unless you have a tank full of alk sucking corals. What salt are you using that has that low of alk? How many corals do you have? Something don’t seem right