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Hello All,

I have a brand new custom cube sump and skimmer combo for sale. The sump is a 23 1/2" cube sump. It's dimensions are 23 1/2" long x 23 1/2" wide x 16" high. It is clear and white acrylic. It has dual 1" bulkhead intakes, 3 filter socks, a skimmer section, large refugium area and a return pump chamber. The sump has an adjustable skimmer water level (7 1/2" to 9 1/2") to fine tune your skimmers needs. There is a 1" bulkhead intake for your refugium. The sump also has a probe holder to keep wires organzied. The skimmer included with this setup is a Vertex Omeag 150 The skimmer is used but in excellent condition. I just put a brand new needle wheel impeller on the pump so it's ready to go. This set up would work well on a 30" or 36" cube tank. The price for this setup is $495 I accept Paypal. Anyone interested please PM me.



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