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12-26-2018, 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by Thatguy96 View Post
Mad Reefer Scientist
Thank You,

You know me, take many years to "calibrate " my eyes , i wont use those water test as first option , i go by read the color of the corals , how happy they are, water flow tell you, some, brown, green color tell some, location up or down, etc. In my personal opinion , we have 2 major issue to control.

# 1. .......Detritus.
The faster and safe you exported , the better is ( PO4, NO3 issue)

#2. Stability.
Constant Alk. also Nitrate.
If some how control the NO3 (constant) Denitrification Sulfur Reactors , works great for me, If some how NO3 is constant to 4 ppm ( in my case) PO4 stay 0.02 to 0.06).

I believe in BIO, healthy water you ...... healthy coral,,,,,,crazy color.

I am so happy , i do NOT use GFO anymore ( list for now).

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