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vio 02-09-2018 09:10 PM

Nitrate Destroyer
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After i grow Chaetto and Algae Scrubber more then 10 L.F.S. , i decide to go dif. way , i got 2 major reasons .

#1 Never got nice color in most H.E. SPS
# 2 According whit Triton test , i got decency of Sulfur .

Then i got rid of ALL Chaetto and Algae Scrubber, i use to have undetectable NO3 , i use to dose all kind of Nitrate , to see some, but color NOT there, Triton make try some dif.

I end up 35-to 50 ppm after i remove the Macro Algae, i am NOT 100% those M.A. remove ONLY NO3 and some PO4 , remove more then that , Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium who knows , what more.

So i make 2 home made Sulfur Denitrification Filters.
I keep monitor the NO3, drop from 35-50 ppm to 2 ppm , today last test in 6 weeks, my effluent is undetectable.

I will like to mention , still under monitor, but i think i am in right direction , color show up on some frags i got for long time.

Juano908 02-09-2018 09:34 PM

Very interesting Vio, thanks for sharing.

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b-ridge 02-09-2018 09:44 PM

Would you mind describing your build and how it works?

Niko 02-09-2018 09:45 PM

What media is in there, and why?

vio 02-09-2018 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by Niko (Post 1788235)
What media is in there, and why?

vio 02-09-2018 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by Niko (Post 1788235)
What media is in there, and why?

I NOT explain why , Sulfur media , i will never finish.

The short story is this :

There is one way to run this Reactor.

I try dif. pumps , but i realize make the water hot, then i decided to use MJ 1200 around 300 gal. just make the job.
Water have to go from top to bottom, Aqua lift pump provide water supply right ( from tank ) to MJ pump INTAKE , return is by , large Output nipple to avoid clog, dose bacteria , then ......just wait to colonize , some Calcium Reactor Media ( dead Corals ) was add for balance the Alk.
The dif. of this Reactor and dose Carbon ( Vinegar, Vodka, Sugar, Vitamin C, Bio-Pellets, etc.) most of Bacteria stay inside reactor , NOT all over display tank. I use 20 gal. tank as return to my display tank, first have to go over the refugium tank ( 90 Gal.)

I have few way to check the density of Bacteria.

sunny 02-09-2018 11:20 PM

Ignore ..

vio 02-10-2018 07:33 AM

I use this in one 40 gal. experimental tank , if works just like Sulfur , can be easy put in sump , let wait few weeks, i seed bacteria almost every day, now i have to wait.

vio 02-10-2018 08:52 AM

More pics.

pecan2phat 02-10-2018 01:02 PM

I've used sulfur denitrators specifically Midwest Aquatic reactors for 10 years and eventually stopped and sold them off.
Excellent source to control N03 when maintained and used properly but does nothing for P04. I also found that sulfur builds up in the system after prolonged years of use which can affect macro algae growth.
Just my 2 cents and experience.

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