Hey everyone. Currently have a 5 gallon reef tank with a reef glass protein skimmer. The skimmer is basically a glass tube that has an air pump which pushes air through an air stone creating the skim which rises towards the top and moves forward through a line down into a collection cup below the tank. Looking to make a CO2 scrubber out of a VOSS water bottle and have the following questions.
1.) Would this work with this type of skimmer?
2.) If this would work, would I just have two ports into the top of the bottle, one for air in from the air pump and one out that leads to the tube that brings air into the mini skimmer?

Any help would be appreciated.


dont think this is worth doing/looking into. breaking surface tension will probably get you similar results, or opening a window. Voss bottle would take up a lot of room for the sm tank.

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