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Can't do that right now, I don't have any metric fittings.. And I really don't see nor understand why there are two pipes anyway, each pipe is about 1.5 inch and the recommended flow is between 200 gph to 600 gph so one pipe is really all it needs to drain.


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dreko said:
Ok, thanks to Rich!

Deltec ap600 on a nanocube. First cup of nog looked like a pint of Guinness!
You've taken overskimming to a whole new level...noiceeee!
BTW, I tried catching those stars and I'm still going when I get enough I'll PM ya.


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Currently in the process of getting a deltec as well. Was originally going for the ap701, but im limited with space. I have to go with the apf600 for my 90.


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thanks! The Deltec will stay on this system until the 30Gallon cube is finished.
I figured it would be fun to see/test the results...

As someone told me " you must have the cleanest water in NYC! "


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Are you not worried about a possible leak? Those skimmers can overflow given proper conditions (i.e. macro algae spawn, snail spawn, use of epoxy or glues...etc).

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