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Decided to make a post to keep my breeding journey fails and success. Changed and finished up my broodstock system originally had 1 pair breeding in a 40 breeder that I was using as a frag tank found it fun/ exciting to see all the different patterns that come out also not to get into detail but it’s helped me out personally, it is a lot of work and time consuming but I find it relaxing. So I shut down the frag tank and planned to build a system specifically just to breed. Took a while but finally finished it. I’m not really one to take pictures my wife is always telling me to do before and after but here’s the system. I followed one of the king of diy stands on YouTube just different measurements. Originally was only going to do the 4 pairs on top with 2 5 gallons tanks for the rotifers and 2 5 gallon tanks for the fry but then thought hey why not get a few more pairs. So I found a couple of pairs that were already breeding and I already had 4 pairs that I was trying to pair up I have an extra 5 and 10 gallon tanks I would have to put them in while I ordered the tank for the middle.



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Ordered a tank and it came cracked, spoke to John from advanced acrylics and without hesitation he said he would make me another one.

Fast forward 2 weeks later I received the other tank, the box was in horrible condition I was expecting the worst but thankfully this one got here good. After about 2 hours of trying to figure out how to plumb and also had to change my sump I only had about 3 inches of space to work in the sump, it’s up and running.


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On to the pairs
Blacker ice and black snowflake recently paired together.

Mocha storm and regular ocellaris got as a breeding pair

Black ocellaris and mocha storm also got as a breeding pair laid eggs once for me but they ate them the next day

Black storms trying to pair them can’t get a good pic of them

Longfin mocha and Picasso after 2 weeks together looking like they starting to bond


Snowflakes started to form a bond


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