Technic to feed Lion Fish.


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Brooklyn, NY
I was diving in Florida and cot a small lion fish.

Since Lion fish is invasive species in Atlantic waters they doomed to be killed, still I decided to save a little intruder and took him home. My fish in the tank is to fast and large for lion fish to swallow this is a plus, BUT… I cannot make this little guy to eat. I tried life feeders, pieces of table shrimps and krill. Got the food on the stick and suspended on fishing line to make it look more life. NO success. Years ago I had lion fish in my previous tank and had no issue to make them take no life food.

Asking for advice – anyone can suggest a technic from experience how to teach lion fish to eat.

It has been 10 days since I got him to NY and it must be hungry since it look like hunting all the time.
Thanks in advance for assistance.


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yes, small live fish and also feeder ghost shrimps, you can collect shrimps under docks and marinas which are sheltered, and there are plenty of bait fish to catch. OH, you're in NYC now, how did you get it on the plane? checked in luggage? It's a bit too early in the season to catch shrimps here, they won't be popping up for another couple of months, but if you can head to sheepshead marina, climb down the ladder with a dip net. Scoop up whatever floating seaweed you can and see how many shrimps are in there. Once trained onto the guppies or shrimps, you can train it onto freshly killed, then frozen easily. The Killifish and spearing fry don't show up till may/june also.