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New York
I miss when Manhattan reef would have the yearly frag swaps. Also, I wish they had an active club like LIRA (Long Island Reef Association) in Long Island. Since moving to Manhattan, really miss this.

Do we have an active club that meets monthly that is in Manhattan?

I miss the monthly frags available at once place monthly, the speakers, etc. Long Island, is now way too far for me to travel to. Also, miss going to the yearly Long Island Aquarium invites. Again, a bit far for me.

I now have made contacts with local reefers who ship... But miss the monthly "get togethers".

PS. Sorry, I originally posted this under a different thread and did not get a response, so I made a new thread.



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Manhattan Reefs
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Union Square, NY
Not at the moment, we can't do events in our normal locations due to covid. Hopefully in the winter things may clear up a bit.