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Does anyone know why my corals lose color or go a little pale? They look great at first and after 2-3 weeks in my tank or so the color starts to fade and look dull. Doesnt look like bleaching. I use red sea blue bucket, alk is 8 sg 1.24 ph 8.3 I have a XR30 and a XR15 over a 50gal running at 50%, change 5 gal a week and i dont dose anything because i dont have that many corals. Any suggestions? Thanks


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My nitrates are 0 and i just checked phosphates before water change is .02

Seeing the fading in a mummy eye chalice and hollywood stunner now and some zoas lost the pop they intitially had.


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There could be your problem..try to keep your phos between.05-.10 and the nitrates between 5-20. Some LPS and zoas even do better in higher nutrients…there maybe other factors as well such as lighting…GL

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Well, sounds like bleaching to me. Your phophates are low as mentioned by Mike NY. Feeding your fish more is the best way to raise it. Nutrients and bacteria are a complex subject, here's some links you might find informative:

"Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas" This video compliments Rohwer's book of the same title (Paper back is ~$20, Kindle is ~$10), both deal with the conflicting roles of the different types of DOC in reef ecosystems. While there is overlap bewteen his book and the video both have information not covered by the other and together give a broader view of the complex relationships found in reef ecosystems

Changing Seas - Mysterious Microbes

Nitrogen cycling in hte coral holobiont

BActeria and Sponges

Maintenance of Coral Reef Health (refferences at the end)

Optical Feedback Loop in Colorful Coral Bleaching

Richard Ross What's up with phosphate"

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