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I know there has been some posts in the past about reducing energy consumption, but I'm looking for members opinions. I'm in the process of setting up a 120 gallon Fowlr tank, with some sps and moderate bioload. Living on Long Island and paying LIPA .21 cents an fnn kilowatt is killing me. I need to bring down my tanks operating costs.

Current set up
tek t5 lights 8 bulbs. 4 actinics and 4 daylight.
1 Tunze 6045
1 Hydor #4
1 Sei 800 power head
300 watt heater
gen pc40 return pump
Mag 3 - Remora Pro HoB skimmer

Question, where do I squeeze out some savings
- adding another tunze 6045 and killing the seio 800
- adding tunze 9010 skimmer 21 watts and removing the remora and mag3
- Return pump, Don't think I need pressure , since its just tanking water from my refugium and sending back up.
- trim lighting time?

Thanks for everyone's opinion. Damn this hobby is killing me :dead1:
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Not to make it worse, but will you need a chiller in the warm months?
If your house has central air then your okay, as long as it's kept cool enough for the fish.


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You don't need 8 t5's for a FOWLR. I would cut it down to only 4 bulbs.
I would also change skimmers, not because of electrical savings, but because a remora pro is not going to do much for a 120gal with a good amount of fish. Orca, Bubblemaster, Deltec, H+S are all good alternatives That us the same or less wattage.

The gen-x PCX 55 will give you greater head pressure and is still pretty efficient. If you use penductor on your returns, you won't need the Tunze, seio, and hydor.

Run the tank cool in the winter (heater won't come on as much) and hotter in the summer (fans blowing in tank water surface as a precaution) I would consider some kind of temp controller a must.

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