Teen reefers unite. Show off your tank


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Okay so I want to start a thread with teen reefers. Actually I don't know how many teen reefers are on manhattanreefs but here I am, 17 years old, been reefing since my 15th birthday im almost 18 in April. Here's my tank

Tank specs:
46 gallon bowfront
30 gallon refugium
20 gallon sump
2 X aquaillumination sol blues
300gph return pump
The skimmer I'm not sure what brand but it's rated for 180 gallons I believe
I have two small power heads in the refugium along with a 150watt j



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Sweet tank! I wish I had the space to upgrade. I'm currently sporting an innovative marine nuvo 16. No fancy filtration or anything, just the stock filtration and lights with an Aqua Gadget SkimMate. I'm 18 and Ive been doing tanks since I was 5, but just got into reef tanks in August. Best decision I've ever made, so much cooler. Anywho, I just converted my tank over to a Zoanthid tank about a week ago so here it is so far! Give it a year or so and it's going to look awesome! I'm continuously adding stuff to this though. Today, I just got what I believe are blue hornet Zoas from my LFS, and I'm trying to get my friend to order me some red hornets. Ignore the hammers in the front, they're going out to a friend in a couple of days.

Innovative Marine NUVO 16
Aqua Gadget SkimMate Skimmer
Innovative Marine Skkye Light
VorTech MP10


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