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We'd like to welcome you to, a project that has been under construction for over two years.

Several years ago we took a look at the existing reef websites and decided that we could do better. Having been involved in web based communities for years, we felt that while all of the reef clubs required their own separate space, there was no reason why they couldn't share information and common resources. Club websites take a lot of work to run and it makes sense that the club managers focus their efforts on community growth rather than technical challenges.

We built to allow multiple clubs to be interconnected on a common platform. These clubs can share content, cool threads, and more.

In addition, we decided it would be great if we sprinkled in some content created by some of the most interesting and fun loving people in the hobby. Thus, we offer a blog, expert hosted forums, tools built by industry experts, and direct tie ins with Reefs Magazine, a free online magazine for the betterment of the reefing community.

We would like to thank the following people for their guidance and assistance through the development of this project:

Randy Donowitz
Sanjay Joshi
Christine Williams
Lissa Mann
James Passantino
Dominick Cirigliano
Kathy Cardineau
Don Dia
Jon Robbins
Josh Saul

And last but not least....

The community of Manhattan Reefs for being the first reef club to join the family.

And now, have fun!


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Manhattan Reefs
New to here, don't even know how to send pm to admin. LOL. I want to change my user name, how to do that please.

Also, I am more into seeing other threads from outside of my local club. Probably I am too new to this site's interface that I cannot find threads other than the ones from my local club. I read a lot of posts from my local club everyday and getting a little bored, need to expand the horizon. Please give me some pointers.




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