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Howdy all, after keeping a 12 gallon aquapod for about a year in my classroom (I'm a teacher), I'm starting a tank at home. I convereted my 29 gallon freshwater to salt, and then, while on vacation, I discovered a free 55 gallon tank at a petco. It so happened that my inlaws house had a ton of lumber, a table saw, a drill, and space to work, so I took the tank, built a stand, and will finally start setting up and moving over tomorrow.

I have four videos on youtube but I'm having touble embedding so I'll just link them at the bottom.

Equipment list is:
Remora Skimmer with prefilter box
Tunze Nano Osmolator
Tunze 6025
Jebao WP25
2x Ocean Revive Arctic S024
Aquaclear 50 with chemipure elite
150 Watt heater
JBJ cooling fan
Live rock and sand

I'm going to add a controller eventually (probably soon) and I'm really stuck deciding between the Apex Jr, the reefkeeper lite, and the reef angel. I was just away for about 2 weeks and I'd really like web capability and I think the Apex Jr is probably best for this (with the least cost too). But I'm still hung up on the decision.

A sump will come someday too, but not likely until next summer.

Oh, and this is going to be FOWLR for a while, then maybe some softies and LPS. Unlikely that I will try SPS.
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