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I bought this guy/gal a while ago to help me with a flatworm issue and somehow he survived some very extreme conditions when I ended taking my remote dbs/fuge offline for a week to treat it with Levasole the for those very same flatworms when I realized that one wrasse could not keep up. Amazing since I lost 3 other fish during that process and they were in the DT.

Anyway....what is it? How aggressive is it? and where does it belong (my reef tank? my FOWLR that will be up and cycled next month? Sushi bar?)




Aquarium Village

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Hey Jeff

I believe it is Halichoeres margaritaceus, I have one in my reef and find it harmless. Typical of the genus it is always looking for goodies. Unlike some of my wrasses it does not turn over stuff. My mystery wrasse does not like him, but there isn't much the mystery wrasse does like

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