Though it hurts to admit... Everything except the hardware must go... I currently have 300g of circulating water and I'm in need of selling all live stock. Stock includes SPS, numerous softies, mushrooms, polyps, inverts, and fish. I have over 175lbs of excellent live rock. And, if you're looking for live sand, look no further... In regards to live stock cost, over the last 5-6 years, total cost are upwards of 1800.00.. I'm not looking to make money, my main concern is that live stock are sent to a good home.. Any reasonable offer will not be refused. This is why I would like to sell entire grouping as a package. The thought of selling piece by piece is difficult for my well being. If someone is looking for an instant large setup at a great price let me know. Thanks


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What would you be willing to part with for $200. I live in Indy so I would hope to meet you halfway. I have a 72 gallon bowfront with PC lighting so I would be interested in only soft medium-low light corals, and a mandarin if you have one. I also need to restock my hermit crabs and snails, as I put a ferocious klunzinger wrasse in my tank and it has wreaked havoc on the tank. I plan to trade him in for some firefish.
Thanks for the reply, but all the live stock has been sold. I do have a recently purchased Tunze Turbelle Stream Kit TS24 for sale. It come with (2) 6100s and controller. Its in perfect condition. In addition, I have a 1/5hp Aqua Logic Delta Star Chiller with controller for sale. Let me know. Thanks....

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