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Ok i have up for sale a Geo Calcium reactor with regulator and 10 lb tank.
The reactor is in great shape. Its a one chamber reactor. Has a mag2 pump for circulation. I am asking $200 or reasonable offer for this unit. I used it as an insump reactor. This reactor worked great for my 75g reef. I have decided to get out of corals and just keep fish only again. So I am selling off the stuff I no longer need.
I also have a pinpoint Ph monitor that I am selling for $25. It does need a new probe .
If your interested in either please contact me.



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What's up!? What size/model is the geo skimmer? Look me up on IRC or shoot me a PM.

I'm interested.



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Tclaw I sold the reactor already. It sold like 4 days after I put it up and I forgot to go back and put it was sold.


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