Had xenia about 8 months it was doing great
from 1 colony now have 3
every thing test good and every thing else is
looking good.
my problem is one of the corals started turning yellow at the base and is spread up
to polys looks like a bacteral infection
i cut some of the coral were it was really bad and did 2 lugols solution dip 2 days apart that was the last one 3 days ago looks like it stopped spreading but it is still not opening up
is this what is known as a crash???
what could it be???


I have 5 vho bulbs on 125 gal. tank
Ever thing measures good
other xenia are fine
plenty of current this coral was not move
from the spot it was in current has not changed and it was growing nice.
the only thing i did was put new bulbs in
about a month ago


I don't know if this helps, but I've had xenias die before and when I have had these crashes they resemble more of a melting away like a shriveling up and disappearing ,whats happening to yours seem alot messier than this. when they melted they just looked like they arms were not expanding and hands werent waving around but rather lying kinda limp and they stalk was thinner but not like an infection or anything,

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