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I have had a blue linkia stafish for over 2 years now and have realized that over time it appears to be losing body mass. Recently it really looks skinny and I fear it is not getting nutrition. I have tried feeding it in the past but it is so slow moving the food gets carried away be the current before the starfish even has a chance to eat it....assuming the starfish would it the food. Books I have read indicate it eats bacterial matter and other tank available food, so I wasn't too overly concerned that I needed to feed it. I have a 120 gallon reef tank. Anyone have any ideas?


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Two years is pretty good. Marine Inverts by shimek says 18 months at best.

My question is how long do they live in the wild?


The linkia is a very hardy creature, My orange is also over two years and from time to time has appeared to shrink in size.I also have two Chocolate Chips in my holding tank that do the same thing, I test my water weekly for the past six years and I can't explain it.
Maybe it has something to do with growing or maybe the water temp.


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In the wild blue sea stars get over ten inches across. You very frequently see them about 8 inches across. I'd guess they are well over 2 years old at that size!

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